Hi, I’m Yuan GAO, born the 14th of November, 1987 in a relatively small town, Ru GAO, China.

At the age to go to the kindergarten, I moved with my mom to Shanghai to join my dad who managed to get into a famous university in Shanghai and finished the Master degree. It was a very big deal at that time and it did changed totally our life, the life of our lovely family of three.

I then grown up in Shanghai with chances to move around every two years. That definitely build up my abilities to adapt to new environment. At the same time, I hook up with a habite of moving around all the time.

I was a trouble girl growing up. Fortunately, I never let go my studies thanks to the strict yet wise education that I got from my parents. I got into a great high school then an university. That’s the moment I found myself stuck in a normal life.

Not really prepared, I arrived in France with two huge suitcases and a backpack. It was the 27th of September, 2007. 

2007 – Toulon – Learned French, become 20, made friends and families

2008 – Toulon – Made my mind to become an engineer, Moved to Lille away from the vacation area

2008 – Lille –  Got new friends and house mates, biked from Paris to Marseille during summer vacation 

2010 –  Lille – Got into a famous engineering school in France, moved to Châlons en Champagne

2011 – Châlons en Champagne – Got the driving licenses, made more friends and families, Moved to Paris 

2013 – Paris – Made new friends, Got internships next to Lyon, Bought my first car, Moved to Villefranche sur Saône

2013 – Villefranch sur Saône – Got hired by Bel group for a project in the US, Moved to Evron, Mayenne

2014 – Evron – Traveled back and forth, Bought my first apartment, Moved to Le Mans

2015 – Le Mans – Worked hard, Met my love of life, become Vegan

2016 – Le Mans – Worked hard, traveled a little, Bought a second apartment

2017 – Le Mans – Worked hard, found myself in the confort zone again, Made the decision to quitte the job, Moved to Paris

2018 – Paris – Quitte the steady job, determined to create my own company, made new friends, Moved back to Le Mans

2019 – Le Mans – Launched SYSS.fr Engineering Consulting company by GAO SARL

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